Teqis is a new racket sport played on the specially curved Teqball table. It can be played individually against a single opponent (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles).


The special rules, the court and the scoring system make teqis so unique. Teqis can be played indoor and outdoor as well, all you need is the equipment and a 12,8 meters long, 8,23 meters wide playing field, same size as the tennis service boxes.


Teqis is easy to learn for everyone including wheelchair users, and after a few minutes of practice it is as enjoyable for beginners as for professionals.


The intention of the inventors of teqis is making this special sport available all over the world, and popular among every racket sports fan worldwide.





Scoring system:

  • A Teqis match is won by winning one or more sets depending on the competition.
  • One set consists of two winning games.
  • One game is won when a player or team reaches 8 points.


The Service:

  • The server has two chances to execute a successful service.
  • The serve must bounce only once on the opponent’s playing surface of the table.
  • The service is rotated after every two rallies.
  • The serve must be executed from the forehand side (right side of the center service line) then from the backhand side. Overhead and underhand serving are both allowed.
  • The server must serve the ball without letting it bounce on the ground.



  • The ball can be played in three different ways:

        1. volley

        2. boardshot

        3. groundstroke

  • In singles every player is allowed to pass maximum once to themselves before they drive the ball to the opponent's side. 
  • In doubles every team must pass minimum once but maximum twice before they drive the ball to the opponent’s side.
  • If the opponent lets the ball bounce on the ground, then it has to bounce inside or on the lines of the court.
  • Each player or team has the right to request the possibility to earn the “double point” once every set.
  • The “double point” is a chance to gain 2 points instead of one in a single rally
  • The “double point” can only be awarded to the player or team who requested it and legally scored the point.
  • The player or team may only request the “double point” if they have not yet reached 6 points in that game.
  • If the ball bounces back from the net it can still be played but only in the air before it touches the surface of the table.
  • Any contact with the table is forbidden.





Teqball is a new sport equipment and a new sport based on football.