Teqball soars again! The Hungarian-developed sports gear may switch to higher gear thanks to the support of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office!

Teqball Kft. has received more than 150 million HUF in support from the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, thanks to the call for tender entitled „Vállalatok K+F+I tevékenységének támogatása” (Supporting R+D+I Company Activities). The aim of the project is the furthering of the Teqball tables’ success, thus creating a new, innovative sports gear, enabling higher-level and faster development of amateurs and professional users. The Teqball table, gathering more and more worldwide fame and recognition, is a multifunctional tool, which enables the playing of five different sports, such as Teqball (based on football (soccer)), Teqvolley (based on volleyball), Qatch (based on handball), Teqpong (based on ping-pong) and Teqtennis (based on tennis).

On the ground level, Teqball Kft. wishes to introduce two separate types of product. One is a ground fixed-design; the other is a foldable design. Sports fans will mostly use the tables for outdoor playing, thus looking at the structural framework of both types, it can be stated that the paint coating system used is similar to the technologies used in the automotive industry. The usage of the paint-coating system for Teqball tables is a unique, rare implementation in the sports gear-industry.

A great number of factors of the base material must be checked during the research process of the playing surface in both versions. However, the arch of the playing surface gives the greatest challenge. To establish that, the company applies various methods; their tests are crucial steps within the project. The company wishes to apply a - quite innovative in the sports gear industry - flexible binding adhesive process. They hold ergonomics as well as aesthetics very important, thus the adhesive “invisible” binding method provides a great opportunity for fulfilling the requirements.

Safety is one of the most important criteria for Teqball Kft., thus in case of the foldable tables, they wish to apply gas springs for the easier movement of the heavier components. The integration of this long-standing technical solution into the Teqball tables is also very innovative and it provides ergonomic use.

Following the development and realization of the new tool, the main goal is the development of Teqball as a sport; this is a complex task. With this, the company creates a throng of jobs, positions and tasks, helping job-creation and the professional development of employees. Teqball Kft. is proud of the fact that this sport and sports gear, gathering more and more recognition worldwide could be realized with the contribution of Hungarian researchers, developers and sport lovers.


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